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Welcome to the My Town Travels Podcast. The Only Podcast Dedicated to Small Town Travel Destinations, Adventures, & Lifestyle; With Expert interviews including Travel Professionals, Writers, Bloggers, Influencers, & More! Listen Now for Great Travel Stories and Insights you’re going to love, whether it’s for an escape, a laugh, to relate, or to find the very best Small Town Destinations!  

Join host Kristy Burns on her adventures, as she gets up close destination stories from a small town perspective. Listen, as Kristy, special travel guest collaborators, and small town enthusiasts, discuss what makes small towns special and unique.

As an added bonus you’ll always get great travel tips, personal experiences, and a traveler’s teachings on personal growth-sometimes with specific small town culture, values, or business entrepreneurship thrown in! Plus, there’s a lot of fun, interesting, and quirky experiences Kristy would love to share with you!  There is always something to discover and to learn from travel. So, press play and come discover the joy in a small town journey.

Episode 9 – The Truth Is…Wine Is Great!

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Nicole Mitchell, Owner and General Manager of Manchester Hill Winery in Small Town Tarlton, OH. In addition to being a co-owner with her husband Patrick, Nicole does not mind also being the head of...

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Episode 8 – The Truth Is…. I Need Travel For My Mental Health

Slowing down a little bit today. Taking time to savor the benefits of travel & how important travel really is for your mental health.  Join Kristy on her personal travel journey as she explains how beneficial it's been in her life. Listen as she...

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My Town Travels Podcast Schedule

Welcome Small Town Travel Friends! Because of a busy travel schedule- we here at My Town Travels wanted to make sure you know what to expect for New Episode Content.  My Town is based in the Eastern U.S. so, we have highs and lows...

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