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Kristy Burns, CEO/ Founder My Town Travels

Kristy Burns

My name is Kristy Burns (@mytowntravels). I am a travel entrepreneur, writer, influencer, and founder of the platforms My Town Travels, My Town Today, & The My Town Travels Podcast.  As a lover of small towns, travel junkie, and small town foodie; I work with small towns to showcase their unique attributes, experiences, and businesses to the My Town websites and social media audience, to tell their unique stories. Click Here for Full Bio.

I am also a wife and a mother to 3 Boys- and when we are not traveling-we are living our best life in Southeastern Ohio! 

Geoff Burns, CEO Founder Burns & Associates LTD, Co-Founder My Town Travles, Co-Founder

Geoffrey Burns, MBA

I’m Geoff Burns. I’m The CEO/Founder of Burns & Associates LTD.  A Law Firm Specific, Professional Bookkeeping firm. I’m also a Co-founder for River Rangers International™ as their Compliance Officer and Treasurer.

I’m an avid outdoorsman who has spent most of my adulthood in outdoor education and ministry and has founded several nonprofits and small businesses throughout Ohio. My work takes me to very unique places, but especially small town locations. 

I have Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science (BS ENVS) a Masters Degree in International Business (MBA)
and am a published author.

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About My Town Travels

The My Town Travels Podcast was a beautiful and messy work in progress. It all started in late 2017, When host Kristy Burns was traveling with her husband Geoff, and had an idea. (Click Here for Story) Working on this idea part time as a blog until it became a reality as a platform in 2020 took a lot of trial and error, passion, drive, and commitment. But finally, they had a platform that not only could be shared with people to visit the places they loved, but for the towns themselves to utilize, which had always been their dream and intention. Their love of small towns and more importantly, the people who live in and travel to small towns are what drives the content for this show.