Episode 7 – River Rangers International Talk Small Town Development with My Town Travels

In this episode, we have the pleasure of talking with Geoff Burns- Founder/CEO of Burns & Associates and Co-Founder for River Rangers International. River Rangers work with towns and government agencies to keep waterways safe & clean for waterway recreation. They do this through a specialized process for Minimal Impact for Waterway Management.

Geoff is an avid outdoorsman who has spent most of his adult life in outdoor education and ministry, and has founded several nonprofits and small businesses throughout Ohio. He has a  Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science (BS ENVS), a Masters Degree in International Business (MBA)and is a published author.

In This Episode You Will Hear:

The complexities of Ohio Rivers- all you need to know before you go exploring.

The economic value of the waterways- Small Town’s investing average $50-$250 per person to bring revenue to their towns!

Learn why River Rangers LOVE working in Small Towns.

Learn more about the paddling community in Ohio- and how you can invest in the natural  resources in your community.

Listen to Geoff’s favorite Small Town areas in Ohio.

Small Towns Highlighted in this episode:

Mt. Vernon, OH – Yellow Springs, OH – Troy, OH- Millersburg, OH

Hear Geoff’s number one piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs today & Geoff’s Truth About Travel.

Guest Info:

Facebook: @riverrangersinternational Instagram: @river_rangers_international Website: Riverrangers.org

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