My Town Travels Podcast Schedule

Welcome Small Town Travel Friends!

Because of a busy travel schedule- we here at My Town Travels wanted to make sure you know what to expect for New Episode Content. 

My Town is based in the Eastern U.S. so, we have highs and lows for the travel season. That coupled with a busy life schedule and breaks- Our Seasonal Podcast Schedule will look like this:

Each Season will begin in February and will be split into 2 parts – Spring and Fall.

In Spring we will Post New Episodes until Memorial Day Weekend, will break for Summer Travel, then will start back up the week after Labor Day. The second half of the season will go until Thanksgiving when we will wrap up the season before the holidays. During the Spring and Fall you can expect Episodes to be Posted between Wednesdays and Friday Mornings. I hope this is helpful for those of you following, so you don’t miss any of the small town fun and great places to visit! 

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